Weather Interface for Vehicle

What for ? 

– Usability & Human Interaction Course Final Personal Project

Who Designed for ?

– All Vehicle Drivers

Problems & Purpose

Today’s automobile includes increasing levels of digital technology, including in-dashboard touch screens that can support a variety of applications.  In order to help drivers know weather conditions whenever and wherever they are driving so that they can always be safe, I designed a weather app for installation on the vehicles’ touch screens.


The application allows the user to switch between three views:

    • The current weather (based on the car’s current location).
    • The 12-hour forecast for the current location and up to five other locations entered and saved by the user.
    • A map view that can display current conditions within a 50 or 100 mile radius of the car’s current location.

More importantly, this application has the ability to display a weather alert to warn the drivers of potentially hazardous conditions such as icy roads, flash flooding, or other weather events within the area.

Current Location Weather Screen

12-hour Forecast Screen

Map View Screen

Weather Alert Screen

In order to let drivers to read the warning quickly and clearly when there is a weather alert, I keep the alert screen clean and simple like below,

Style Concept

Different weather conditions will be displayed by different colors. Also, to maintain simplicity and clarity, I used five simple colors to indicate five types of regular weather conditions so that drivers can read the live weather information conveniently.

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