FOCUS40 Interactive Panel

What for ? 

– Infographic designed for the FOCUS40 Interactive Panel held by MBTA

Role Played ?

– Visual Designer & Data Visualization Assistant

Who Designed for ?

– Panel audiences  & MBTA customers

FOCUS40 Interactive Panel

As part of revising the Service Delivery Policy, the office of performance management & innovation conducted a survey to get rider input. The results of “uncomfortable”, “would not board” and “unacceptable” crowding levels were part of the rider input survey. In order to engage the customers to understand the MBTA today and the Greater Boston of tomorrow in the Focus40 Interactive Panel, I designed a poster via analyzing and visualizing the data we got from the survey with colleagues in the office.

Data Source Analysis
Original Sketch
Design Concept

Final Infographic

This Infographic has 2 components as shown above. Regarding the first section “Do You Feel Crowded?”, the first thought is to highlight the rising unacceptable percentage when the level of crowding goes up. Since the line chart with markers is best for showing trends, I decided to use the 6 different levels of crowding car pictures to replace the markers. In that case, the increasing trend of feeling unacceptable corresponds to the levels of crowding. When people are standing far away from the infographic, they can more easily notice the trend of crowding tolerance. The second thought is to distinguish the gender differences when facing different levels of crowding. By using the light red and dark blue to differentiate males and females, the gender difference can be more obvious.

As for the second section about the importance for getting a seat, the idea of using the exploded pie charts aims to show the differences of importance for people to get a seat on each mode. Additionally, replacing the name of each mode with their real models behind every pie chart also reinforced the concept.

At the Event & Workshop
Other Versions of Design