Independent by Liberty Travel

Independent by Liberty Travel is the newest brand of internationally-recognized global travel industry leader, Flight Centre Travel Group. The business aim to support the independent travel agents enjoy the complete freedom to run their own business by selling the greatest product of all – the world – whenever and from wherever they want, even while traveling themselves.

What for?

To help focus on independent and home-based travel agents, Liberty Travel announced the launch of a new host agency division, Independent by Liberty Travel. The business would like to develop a multi-page site to serve as the main recruitment tool.

Who Designed for?

External agents who are locates everywhere and works independently.

Role Played?

UX / UI Designer, working with graphic designers in the creative team and web developers in our dev team as well as the business manager who owns the brand.

Steps Performed?

Research and Analysis, User Flow, Wireframe, Problem and Solutions, Hi-fi Prototype.


“Get ready to take control of your freedom and success by turning your passion into your own business with Independent by Liberty Travel.”


Users’ Needs Analysis

  1. Users are able to access and use the site anywhere.
  2. This site is an informational tool for experienced and new agents to learn what business Independent by Liberty Travel can help them. Meanwhile, it’s a recruitment tool for the business to get more agents to join in.
The Independent Agents Said…

“After 35 years as a travel agent, my husband and I decided to purchase an aviation business, and I was faced with the difficult decision to retire from the travel industry. I was given the opportunity to join Independent by Liberty Travel, and now I can continue to help my current customers and acquire new ones. It’s been a joyous experience, and the Independent by Liberty Travel support team really guided me on my new journey. My decision to join has helped me profit financially in ways I could not have imagined, and I would highly recommend Independent by Liberty Travel to anyone looking to grow in the travel industry.”

“When I found out I could be associated with Liberty Travel, I jumped at the chance to become an Independent Agent. From the amazing support teams to the online learning opportunities, it’s hard to choose what I love most about working with Independent by Liberty Travel. Most of all, I love the concept of working when I want to work. Becoming an Independent Agent was one of the best decisions I’ve made, and I would highly recommend Independent by Liberty Travel to anyone who wants to build a career in travel.”

Competitive Analysis



Major insights from competitive websites: 

  • Clear flow in every page leading users to the goal of the site.
  • Animation input draws visitors’ attention so that they would notice certain data and information that’s designed or important to them.


User Journey

Sketch flow on the paper

Website Flow


Problems & Key Features


The business partner wants to show all their partners’ logos in the partner page. They were worried that some partners’ information are not visible, which would bring misunderstanding.

  • Solution 1. Show total number of partners in the headline. Randomize shown logos everytime the page is visited.
  • Solution 2. Instead of showing some partners, Add accordion for each section and allow visitors see all partners once they click “load all partner” button.

Key Feature 1 – Mobile First & Responsive

Since the main users are travel agents working around the world, mobile should be the device they use more to check the site. So this website must be designed by mobile first and responsive.

Key Feature 2 – Animation & Interaction 

The ILT site is mainly an information-driven site. So in order to keep users staying in the site and fully understand the brand as well as attract them to sign up, there should be animation effects adding while users going through each page so that they’ll have more interaction with the information.

  • Homepage

  • Subpage 




Color PaletteWeb-friendly fonts

Interactive Hi-Fi Prototype



Final User Flow