A game-based application that reminds you to recycling once a week, create a checklist to help you recycle, learn how to categorize trash, try creative ways to reproduce and design your old stuff, as well as play a recycle game with your friends and neighbors. What for?  – Personal 2016 Thesis Project Role Played? – […]

FOCUS40 Interactive Panel

What for ?  – Infographic designed for the FOCUS40 Interactive Panel held by MBTA Role Played ? – Visual Designer & Data Visualization Assistant Who Designed for ? – Panel audiences  & MBTA customers FOCUS40 Interactive Panel As part of revising the Service Delivery Policy, the office of performance management & innovation conducted a survey to get […]

Mood Web App

What for?  – Intermediate Programming Course Final Project Role Played? – UX Designer & Programmer Who Designed for? – All users Why This App? – People are in different kinds of moods everyday, probably happy, sad or annoyed. When in one type of mood, people like to listen to the songs related to their feelings so that the emotion can […]